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A digital solution to financial freedom.

In total I have earned with the MagixRobotTrade. I will invest the money in a long vacation and the rest back into de MagixRobotTrade. I can even quit my job!.


Genarel customer

"I only knew Bitcoin from "hear-say", but became a Bitcoin multi-millionaire in 3 months. In hindsight, I wish I had invested in MagixRobotTrade instead of Carsten, but am very glad I decided to actively use the product." .


Genarel customer

"Unfortunately, I didn't get the nod from the founders, but Carsten Maschmeyer did. Nevertheless, I use the Bitcoin Trade and make incredible profits with it! My "Return on Invest" is with more than 630%, much higher than any return I ever achieved with "MagixRobotTrade".".


Genarel customer

I'm in my third year of medical school and my part-time job was cut, so I started using Profit Builder to earn extra money. Now I don't have to worry about my tuition.".


Genarel customer

"MagixRobotTrade has revolutionized the world of investing for me. I have abandoned my normal stock portfolio in favor of MagixRobotTrade. With the use of MagixRobotTrade, I make my money faster and easier while being absolutely clueless about cryptocurrencies, let alone Bitcoin." .


Genarel customer

My God, I didn't know where to turn when my business collapsed. I started looking for help online when I discovered Profit Builder. I had nothing to lose, but now I have so much more time and wealth.".


Genarel customer